App Sec – part 2 – Shields Up! Protect your digital assets with a OCI Web ApplicationFirewall

In the previous article i went through how to fortify and identify potential common threats for an application with Threat modelling framework.   In this article i will walk you through how you can use OCI WAF to mitigate the web application threats . First, i would like to recap the typical web application vulnerabilities that are defined in the […]

App Sec – part 1 – Fortify your Application with Threat Modelling

Cybersecurity threats are growing worldwide. Threat Modelling is an effective way to fortify an enterprise’s security through the identification of potential threats. The ISO 27034 standard provides an internationally-recognized standard for application security and it is closely aligned with several other ISO standards. Ransomware, malware, and crypto-jacking are all on the rise both in activity and in the minds […]

OCI File Storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage service provides a durable, scalable, secure, enterprise-grade network file system that you can mount to any compute instance inside your VCN and outside the VCN, using either  OCI FastConnect or an IPSec VPN. The File Storage service supports the Network File System version 3.0 (NFSv3) protocol and the Network Lock Manager (NLM) protocol for […]

Identity and Access Management in OCI

The OCI IAM allows you to control what type of access a group of users can have  and to which specific resources. The fundamental IAM building blocks in  OCI are: –Groups: collection of users who all need the same type of access to a particular set of resources or compartment. –Users: individuals  that need to manage or […]

Virtual Cloud Network in OCI

Watch this demo about how to create a VCN in OCI. Watch this demo about  how to connect a VCN to another VCN in the same region A VCN is a virtual version of   a traditional network, with firewall rules and specific types of communication gateways that you can choose to use. A VCN covers […]

Pushing a Docker Image to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry is an Oracle-managed registry that enables you to simplify your development to production workflow. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry makes it easy for you as a developer to store, share, and manage development artifacts like Docker images. And the highly available and scalable architecture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ensures you can reliably […]