Virtual Cloud Network in OCI

Watch this demo about how to create a VCN in OCI. Watch this demo about  how to connect a VCN to another VCN in the same region A VCN is a virtual version of   a traditional network, with firewall rules and specific types of communication gateways that you can choose to use. A VCN covers […]

Pushing a Docker Image to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry is an Oracle-managed registry that enables you to simplify your development to production workflow. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry makes it easy for you as a developer to store, share, and manage development artifacts like Docker images. And the highly available and scalable architecture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ensures you can reliably […]

Terraform – Getting started..

Infrastructure as a code is increasingly becoming popular with the demand of Automation, Terraform is one of the most IAC tools. Terraform is an open source simple powerful tool, that allows you to create, manage and improve IT infrastructures. It can be shared among members of a team and treated exactly as a code, so […]

Infrastructure as Code

Why infrastructure-as-code? Instead of clicking around a web UI or SSHing to a server and manually executing commands, the idea behind IAC is to write code to define, provision, and manage your infrastructure. This has a number of benefits: You can automate your entire provisioning and deployment process, which makes it much faster and more […]

Introduction to OCI

Businesses today are challenged by rapidly changing markets and increasingly aggressive competition. They realize the role of IT in achieving their business outcomes is more critical than ever, yet their needs are evolving more quickly than their existing capabilities can adapt. To remain competitive, they are seeking IT solutions that enable them to foster innovation, […]