My thoughts about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architect Professional Certification

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Some people have asked me some questions, feedback and tips about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architect Professional Certification , I decided to share them here.

First of all it is a hard certification to get, which requires hands on experience and a lot of dedication.

It covers a number of topics and you need to have a broad in depth knowledge with regard to each of the OCI services.

I recommend to go through all the videos and the labs available at Oracle University (OU), however it is not enough, you need to go through the OCI public documentation as well as   the OCI technical white papers available here.

It is a fantastic opportunity to develop knowledge with regard to how to design architectures, based on real scenarios, keeping in mind the most common requirements and concerns such as security, costs, High availability and scalability.

Compute, Storage and Network are the main areas to be addressed in detail, you need to know inside-out the main capabilities such as autoscaling, load balancing, NAT, DNS and  traffic steering policies, network, data and application security, egress-ingress/intra-inter regions routing, hybrid and multi cloud connectivity options, storage (block volumes/volume groups, object storage, File Storage and Nvme SSD) performance and features, but also a solid in depth knowledge regarding governance, billing, analytics, data management, as well as  cloud native services, and  disaster recovery (RTO/RPO), business continuity, High Availability, data and applications migration options along with  the most common architecture models (N tier, microservices, event driven etc.) it’s required.

I found the practice exam published along with the videos at OU very helpful, as  it gives an idea of the questions (some of them are very similar to the actual exam ones).

I know It takes some time to digest all this concepts, put all the pieces together and as a result gain the right confidence and knowledge needed to be passing this certification,  but I think it would definitely worth it the effort to be part of this very rapidly growing community.

Good Luck!


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